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      Located in Binjiang Huaye High-tech Industrial Park, Zhejiang Shimai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd adheres to the concept of original innovation, safety and efficiency, hardening ourselves diligently to reach the goal. We focus on the development and production of innovative antibody drugs for tumor and autoimmune disease, taking the real responsibility of solving clinical and patient needs. Our ambition is to become a domestic leader in the development of innovative antibody drugs within three years, gradually develop into an internationally competitive biopharmaceutical enterprise and realize the "intelligence of China" of innovative drugs as soon as possible to benefit human health.
       Innovation is the life of an enterprise. Our company has established a complete innovative antibody drug research and development system based on the Innovation Research and Development Center in U.S. and Shimai Pharmaceutical Hangzhou base, including early-stage innovative drug research and development - animal experiments - pharmacokinetic safety evaluation - IND declaration - clinical trials and new drug mechanism research, etc. Our team members have successfully developed highly competitive products by breaking the technical barriers of pharmaceutical giants using the cutting-edge technologies, having successfully developed highly competitive products:
       1) Three super-large human antibody libraries including two different categories (Fab and dAb) with fully independent intellectual property rights. Only a few companies worldwide have the ability to construct human dAb libraries;
       2)HBiBody/proBiBody , a bispecific antibody platform with fully independent intellectual property rights, is one of the most potential bispecific antibody platforms. Compared with the world's top bispecific antibody platforms, iBiBody overcomes the shortcomings such as low yield, difficult purification, poor solubility and stability of other platforms, 

       3) Based on these innovative and independent technology platforms, more than 20 unique and differentiated antibody drugs targeting multiple solid tumors and different stages of immune diseases have been successfully developed. These products will avoid homogeneous competition with other companies and have strong competitiveness in the future market.

       The company's operation will adopt a marketing model that is guided by completely pharmaceutical innovation and combines terminal product development with phased mid-term product transfer and technology platform application authorization. At different stages of the company's development, corresponding economic and social benefits are produced to ensure the company's continuous innovation, healthy and rapid development. By dedicating to the R&D and production of innovative targeted drugs anti-malignant tumors and autoimmune diseases, our company enables Chinese patients to enjoy advanced medical services and benefits human health by promoting relevant drugs to the world.



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